Tree removal is a high percentage of what we do in Moorpark. However, when possible and with proper pruning and care we prefer to preserve trees. We take many things into consideration before we advise the removal of a tree. Below you will find several reasons it may be necessary to remove a tree.

  • Unsafe situations with regard to location
  • Above areas of family entertainment
  • Play areas, hanging over walkways, patio covers parking areas, etc.
  • Dead, diseased, distressed, or self-pruning trees
  • Visible or non-visible roots can be invasive along with potentially undermining structures, home foundations, walls, pools and walkways
  • Over-planted areas producing damage to neighboring trees
  • Current specimen has overgrown chosen site
  • Removal to allow new construction

All debris is removed and hauled away per contract and stump grinding is offered. Stumps are typically ground to 6”- 12” below grade. Remaining hole is back-filled with grindings and will decay on its own. Do not plan on re-planting that particular spot with a new tree; sod or ground cover is an appropriate option. As part of our recycling program we offer to leave some or all remaining chips with clients to be used as a mulch in flower beds or gardens.